Cuter Than a Button! | Los Angeles Child Photographer

November 8, 2010

I could easily have posted another 10 images as favorites, but I had to rein myself in.  Below are a handful from my delightful afternoon yesterday with little Miss Sophia.  I had the pleasure of first meeting her during my very first Janie & Jack / Precious Time Photography Event .  I fell in love the moment I met her.  I was delighted when her mother contacted me a few months later today photograph her 1st Birthday .  I have been watching Sophia get cuter and cuter through photos posted on Facebook, and I was very happy to have the chance to photograph her again.

She ruled the show, but she was also very helpful.  She even patted the seat next to her for her parents to sit before we got their lovely family photo.  She was a pleasure to photograph, and I had a blast 🙂

And yes, she is blowing a kiss in the first series of photos.  Too cute!

Happy Monday!