Month: September, 2010

Ann & David’s Son Turns 2! | Pasadena Child Photographer

September 29, 2010

I want to take a moment to say I am thrilled that Ann took a chance on me back in January when I walked into her store asking if I could put up a display of my photography.  Since then we have built a really great relationship, and I am very happy to be a part of the Jumping Jellyfish family 🙂

Ann and David invited me to their youngest son’s birthday party a few weeks back.  The detail was unlike anything I have ever seen.  Ann, you (and your helpers) did a phenomenal job!  I kind of had an idea of what to expect, because for the first few weeks of September, every time I walked into the store, Ann was gluing something together, whether it was all the individual strips on the invitations or the little pom-poms on the little birthday hats that were put on each cupcake.  She made all the mustaches on a stick too!

Ann, you are amazing!

I hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

The first one is by far one of my most favorite shots.  I know you don’t see L’s face, but to me it is the perfect example of the innocence of a child.

Pets are family too! | Los Angeles Pet Photographer

September 25, 2010

As a pet owner, I find it hard to resist a client’s pet when we are at their home for a family shoot.  I snap a few quick shots just in case they want to have a photograph of their other furrier little ones (although sometimes they are not so little).

While I am not officially starting to venture into photographing pets, I am seriously considering adding it to my business.  If you are interested in having your pets photographed, please let me know.  This is a limited time special offer for all portfolio building sessions!  For every paid session fee, you will receive a discount on your order.  Please contact me for more details regarding this offer!

Have a great weeekend!

Email: tanya (at)

Phone: (323) 399-5535

Jumping Jellyfish Photo Booth Fun! | Pasadena Child Photographer

September 13, 2010

I had a wonderful evening over at Jumping Jellyfish on Friday during One Colorado’s Fashion’s Night Out! 🙂  I met lots of lovely people, and I got to take photographs of some super cute little ones.   I want to give a huge thank you to Ann & David, and everyone who helped out with this evening!

Here are some of the photos from the evening…

The adults had to have some fun too!

My assistant for the evening was a lovely miYim stuffed elephant.  I love this company!  They have a wide variety of products, and they are all organic.  Plus, they are very soft.  They just came out with a Dr.Seuss line too!

A special thank you to Amber over at Whisker Workers!  Your mustaches were loads of fun and very durable!

I know this next image has nothing to do with photo booths, but I just had to share it.  This may be the cutest little onesie I have ever seen 🙂

L’shanah tovah! | Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

September 8, 2010

For those of you who celebrate the Jewish New Year…

I wish you a happy, healthy and sweet new year!

Toy Crazy Brentwood Country Mart Display! | Brentwood Children’s Photographer

September 8, 2010

I am thrilled to share some photographs of my display over at Toy Crazy.  I have been very fortunate with the wonderful stores that were kind enough to lend me the space on their walls, and I cannot thank these women enough for their help with spreading the word about my child photography.

Ann, Elizabeth, Melissa, and Courtney – Thank you for all your support thus far!  I look forward to continuing our partnerships 🙂

Here are some photographs from my Toy Crazy Display…

Jumping Jellyfish Special Event! | Pasadena Child Photographer

September 7, 2010

Come join us on Friday, September 10th as we celebrate One Colorado’s Fashion’s Night Out at Jumping Jellyfish in Pasadena!  The first 200 people who attend Fashion’s Night Out will receive swag bags.  Jumping Jellyfish and I have been working on little gift guides, and if you are one of the lucky ones who receives a swag bag, you will receive one of the little guides 🙂

Our guides were printed by a local lithography company, Typecraft, Wood & Jones, Inc. in Pasadena, CA.  The apple green baker’s twine is from Whisker Graphics.

We will be running a photo booth for your little ones from 6pm to 9pm.

Hope to see you Friday!

Growing Up & The Importance of Photographing Your Little Ones | Los Angeles Child Photographer

September 2, 2010

I have vivid memories of my mom getting a little weepy as I grew older.  These moments usually involved her saying something along the lines of my baby is growing up so fast!  I always thought she was being silly and a bit melodramatic.  When you are a kid, you don’t really feel like you are growing up fast.  If anything, you feel as though time is moving extra slow.  You cannot wait to be a teenager then you cannot wait to get your license and it goes on from there.  Well, I now completely get why my mom was so weepy at various points during my childhood.

As a lot of you know, I am still very close with my ex-boyfriend’s brother’s family.  I see them every week, and it has been a real eye-opener watching all the kids grow from week to week.  It’s kinda funny the way time works.  For months, Tade always felt/looked like a little baby.  I usually help put him to sleep on the night I am there, so I have a pretty good idea of how he fits in my arms.  For the longest time (despite the fact that he was getting bigger), it never really registered how quickly he was growing.  Two months ago, as I was putting him to bed, it suddenly hit me just how big he had gotten.  It came out of nowhere….and now he is a toddler.

I have taken photographs of Tade every few months since he was born.  For the first 9 months, he continued to look like a baby.  Then all of a sudden in two months time, he turned into a toddler!  It made me realize just how important it is to capture your baby, before they are no longer a baby.  Ages 15mos, 2 1/2 years, and 5 years are (in my opinion) some of the most important ages to photograph your children, because you are able to catch them before they move on to the next stage of their growth.  I really love photographing babies at 6 months, because they are so smiley and interactive at that age.

What will you miss the most when your little one is big and grown?   Those chubby little cheeks, their all-knowing smile (the one they had at age 5), the wrinkly little back, their fantastic chunky baby thighs, the way their wispy hair framed their face, their  toothless smile…   I would love  to hear what you will miss the most, please leave your answers in the comments or you can email directly.

I wanted to bring this up, because I was amazed at how much this hit me.  I cannot even imagine how I would feel if it was my little one that was growing up in the blink of an eye.  I probably would end up all weepy saying my baby is growing up so fast!  And I am fairly certain that my child would sigh, roll their eyes at me and think I was silly, as I did oh so many years ago to my mother.

Have a great holiday weekend!