Month: June, 2011

Sisters | Los Angeles Child Photographer

June 14, 2011

On Monday, I had the chance to photograph three sisters.  I photographed three brothers before, but this was the first time I photographed three sisters together.  The girls were delightful and full of energy.  Each girl different from the next.  There was a lot of sweet brief moments between the running around.

I had a fun time photographing three sisters.  I would happily do it again.

Here are a few favorites from the day…

Boys will be Boys | Los Angeles Child Photographer

June 14, 2011

Whenever I photograph young boys, I always marvel at their constant source of energy.  They are human examples of the Energizer Bunny.  Little Mr. H was no different.  We did the usual little boy things…ran down a hill (just because), ran around the yard, looked at the bird house, ate sand, etc.  And then there were the unexpected things that brought him joy, sweeping.  He was so happy to cart the broom around and sweep.

Here are a few of my favorites from our afternoon…


Thank You to Cypress Albums | Los Angeles Child Photographer

June 8, 2011

I recently received a client’s album from Cypress Albums.  Once again they outdid themselves.  I asked them to do something that they had never done before (circles on the album cover), and they made it look as though they had been doing it for years.  I cannot wait to show my clients their beautiful albums.


Cypress Albums you all rock!  Thank you for helping me create beautiful keepsakes for my clients.