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September 7, 2013

Shot on my father’s Hasselblad…

I have seen a lot of posts lately comparing digital to film. Some prefer film others prefer digital (as long as they can use actions that make the images kind of look like film).

For me, it is more than just shooting film. This photograph was shot on the same camera that my father used to photograph me as a little girl. In fact, the camera is older than I am (it is close to 50 years old). And, as long as they keep making film, I will be able to use it to photograph others. How many of today’s three year-olds will be able to say that they are using the same camera that was used to photograph them when they were little?

In an era where everything needs to happen now, it is important to stay connected to your roots. My roots are intertwined with this camera.

It isn’t about film or digital. It is about the soul, the life of the camera. And I can tell you without a doubt that a camera that is almost 50 has seen a lot. And it sure has a lot of soul.


original kids by tanya alexis | los angeles child photographer


Tanya at age 3 by Howard Sakolsky
original kids by tanya alexis | los angeles child photographer