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November 1, 2009

I need to start out by thanking my parents for all the patience, comforting, and walking around that comes along with celebrating Halloween with your children. Especially that one year when my niece and I went to this one house were a fake body rose up from a grave in front of the house we were walking towards.  We screamed louder than one would have thought possible, and we ran back to the car fast.  My dad calmed us down and walked us back to the house, slightly shielding us from the body, but also explaining that it was not real.  Then there was the year where I had a Halloween party.  My mom dressed as a witch, and she even removed her bridge to reveal a large gap where her 4 front teeth should have been.  She went to the store to buy an actual tongue to use for part of the haunted house, and she even took the time to peel grapes so that we could use them for eyeballs 🙂 Thank you mom and dad for all the years you spent with me on Halloween!

I mention all this because last night I had my first glimpse at what parents go through on Halloween through adult eyes.  I spent the night with my boyfriend’s brother and his family.  When I arrived I was greeted by their eldest. She was already dressed up as sleeping beauty.  I helped get their younger daughter ready as a butterfly. I think the sneakers were a nice added touch to her costume.  Their son was the smiliest batman I have ever seen. We went tricker treating, and we handed out candy.  Their younger daughter got scared when the neighbors turned on their Halloween sounds, so I carried her the whole night.  My arm is still a bit soar today, but I really don’t mind a bit.  She and I even worked out an agreement where if I said trick or treat at each home, she would say thank you.  It almost worked, but the majority of her thank yous were whispered into my shoulder.  I left around 8:30 and was ready for bed shortly there after.  I had one of the nicest Halloweens I have had in a long time (barring last year which was lovely, but for very different reasons).  It really made me appreciate all the Halloweens my parents spent with me.

I am attaching a few of my favorite photographs from early in the evening.  I hope every one had a safe fun Halloween!

Sleeping Beauty

Little Butterfly








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