Original Kids by Tanya Alexis photographs your children being themselves.  I believe that children are the perfect blend of innocence and wisdom.  Every time I meet with a client's children, I am honored to be reminded of this.  Their curiosity inspires me and pushes my creativity and my photography to new heights. I photograph them at home, at play, at ease, at peace, and occasionally mid-scream. I have only one rule, no one may utter the words "say cheese."

I focus on artistic & journalistic style photography.  If asked, I will be happy to do a few posed or staged pictures, but for the most part I prefer to give the child full reign.  If they love to dance, then by all means, I will photograph them dancing.  If they love to play sports, let's go outside and throw a ball around. 

What started out as a hobby, over a decade ago, now takes up all of my time.  I am first and foremost an artist, and second a photographer.

Ultimately, my goal for every session is to create photographs that reflect your child's originality, because...

when it comes down to it, we are "you know.....for kids!"

Tanya Alexis (Age 2) Photograph Courtesy of Howard Sakolsky